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Where to Get Masks in Golden

While we’re under our Stay-at-Home Order (currently through May 8th), we’ve been asked to wear facial masks when we’re out in public.

Here are a few places around Golden to get homemade masks:

A Gilded Fox Studio

Homemade Masks by A Gilded Fox
(Photo credit: @yewnicornsss)

Owned by Samantha Fox Wheeler, you can purchase handmade, washable, 100% cotton face masks with elastic straps from A Gilded Fox Studio. You can also donate to help provide no-cost masks to front line and essential workers in Golden, Colorado.


(Photo credit: YoColorado)

YoColorado offers several different types of masks, including cotton ones created by Moore Collection from their discontinued t-shirts. 15% of sales will be donated to Feed the Frontlines Denver so that medical staff can receive a nourishing meal and Denver restaurants can keep cooking. Their reusable mask is made with two layers of heavyweight cotton and has an insert for a filter. (A filter is not included.)


(Photo credit:

PNDLTON + CO masks are 100% handmade, washable and reusable and when you purchase one mask, another mask is donated to essential workers or people who don’t have access.

Masks are available online and for sale at Cafe 13 and will also be available at Truly BoHotique when they reopen.

Know another local place or person selling masks? Let us know! Email

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