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What Are Superfoods and Are They Really Super?

Guest Post by Alissa Mattson, Owner of Kona Bowls Superfoods

(Health and happiness go hand-in-hand for Alissa Mattson, and Kona Bowls Superfoods is her way of helping to boost happiness in Golden, CO. Their nutritious, island-inspired bowls are made with fresh ingredients that people can feel good about eating. In this week’s guest post, Alissa explains what superfoods are, why we should eat them, and how Kona Bowls proves that eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard.)

The idea of ‘superfoods’ is quite popular when it comes to food and health. Ultra-healthy foods are supposed to give our bodies the health kick they need to stave off illness and aging. But is there any truth to such reports?

The term superfood has only recently become popular in mainstream language. The Oxford English dictionary describes a superfood as “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” Generally speaking, superfoods refer to foods, especially fruits and vegetables, that are specifically nutrient dense and have high concentrations of antioxidants. Blueberries, cacao, spirulina, hempseed, kale and acai are just a few examples of foods that have garnered the superfood label. The nutrients in these foods have been shown to have several health-promoting properties.

Superfoods are essentially a class of the most potent, super-concentrated, and nutrient-rich foods on the planet. As conventional foods become more depleted of nutrients, consuming superfoods is a way to guarantee that you will get the nutrients you require to be healthy.

Kona Bowls Superfoods Tributary

Kona Bowls Superfoods strives to help guests make happy, healthy, and bold dietary choices on the go. We want eating healthy to be an easy choice. We offer a wide range of superfoods that are nutrient rich and full of health benefits. Our superfoods are not only delicious, they are nutritious. We offer only pure ingredients; we want the public to experience how delicious superfoods are on their own without added processed sugars that can negate health benefits. Guests can enjoy oats, chia pudding, salads, smoothies, and acai bowls that are all packed full of superfoods.

When it comes to ensuring a balanced nutrient intake for good health, we can all strive to increase the range of nutritious foods in our diets overall. I would encourage you to include a greater quantity and variety of fruits and vegetables and to include superfoods as often as possible. Your bold choices can be fun while promoting your health and happiness.

Come try us at Tributary Market & Drinkery at 701 12th St., Golden, CO to try some of our delicious and nutritious offerings. We hope you’ll leave feeling happier, healthier, and bolder in your choices.


Kona Bowls Superfoods is located inside of Tributary Market & Drinkery at 701 12th St., Golden, CO.

Follow them on Instagram at @konabowls_superfoods.

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