Featured Golden, CO Business

Featured Golden, CO Business: Souders Studios

Souders Studios is known for taking exceptional photos for restaurants and food and beverage brands. As a local business owner looking for ways to help during the pandemic, owner Rick Souders recently launched a Give Back Program to help struggling local restaurants with their photography needs.

We spoke with Rick about his program and why photography is so important for restaurants.

Rick Souders of Souders Studios
Photo credit: SoudersStudios.com

Good To Be Golden: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

Rick Souders: I have been in the food and beverage photography industry for 25 years. We have a full service photography studio here in Golden complete with a commercial kitchen, two studios, client workspaces, a roof top patio and lots of parking. We shoot for a lot of restaurant brands, as well as beverage brands. This includes menus, packaging, cookbooks, ads, and social media. We help clients from all over the world. We offer photography, videography, food styling, and assisting.

Cast Iron Tavern Western Burger
Photo credit: SoudersStudios.com

GTBG: Why is good photography so important for restaurants?

RS: Good food photography is important because it greatly adds to the revenue generating capabilities of most food and beverage brands. There is a lot of research that shows that photos on menus are far more likely to sell that particular entrée as opposed to just text. Sometimes up to seven times more. Everyone is digital, so better food and beverage photography equates to better menus, better signage, better web sites, and better social media. When people see good mouth-watering photography with great taste appeal, it moves them to purchase more.

Cheese Ranch Spread
Photo credit: SoudersStudios.com

GTBG: Why did you decide to create your Give Back Program?

RS: The food and beverage industry has been good to me. I have spent my entire career working in Golden, Colorado as a photographer. I have gotten to know the Golden, Boulder, and Denver communities very well. When this crazy pandemic started, everyone’s business models fell apart. Restaurants closed. Packaging facilities closed. People stopped going out. We decided in the void of business, we could at least help local restaurateurs with their new take out menus, curbside delivery images, and take and bake options. It has been rewarding and fulfilling to Give Back to my community. 

GTBG: Why is supporting Golden businesses important to you?

RS: Supporting local businesses is important. Every business generally starts out “Local” and needs the community’s support to survive. When we shop local and support local, we help our communities that we live in thrive and prosper. This community has been good to me.

Table Mountain Inn French Toast
Photo credit: SoudersStudios.com

GTBG: As a Golden resident, tell us about your perfect Golden day.

RS: A perfect Golden, Colorado day is a cup of coffee on the deck. It is a walk around Ulysses Park with Charlie, my dog. It is enjoying a vigorous walk along Clear Creek through the downtown Golden corridor. An evening downtown at a local restaurant followed by a cocktail from the Golden Moon Speakeasy is the perfect day. 

Souders Studios is located at 1301 Ulysses Street, Golden, CO. For information about studio tours and rentals, visit www.soudersstudios.com.

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