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Local Spotlight: Chris Schieffer’s Favorite Places in Golden, CO

Born and raised in Colorado, Chris Schieffer has been a Golden resident for 13 years. She’s a mother of two and an active outdoorswoman, participating in mountain biking, hiking, skiing, running, and generally anything that gets her family outside. Chris truly loves the outdoors, and before the pandemic struck, she worked in the mountain bike industry with a focus on advocacy and apparel.

“What I love most about Golden is the location and community,” says Chris, who feels that Golden has the perfect blend of outdoor access and convenience. She also values the people in Golden, specifically the outdoor community and the friends she has forged a bond with in the mountain biking community.

“I shop local because I have created personal relationships with many business owners in our community, and I truly care about those people and their livelihoods,” explains Chris. “In this day and age, it’s so very easy to shop online, but what would our small town be without outdoor recreation tourism and small business commerce? It wouldn’t be the same, that’s for sure.”

We asked Chris to share some of her favorite places in Golden for this week’s local spotlight.

Rewind Consignments in Golden CO
(photo credit: @rewindstyle)

Rewind Consignments

I have always been a fan of consignment and thrift shopping. Not only is it recycling in it’s own regard, but it’s also a chance to reinvent your wardrobe and homewares every now and again. A bit of a reset, change of pace, and something inexpensive to look forward to.

I met the owner of Rewind (Kerry) when it was located on 13th and Arapahoe ten years ago. At the time, I had a new baby and was in the habit of walking and exploring while he slept in the stroller. I knew Rewind was a place for me because Kerry was so open, welcoming, and patient, even with a very large stroller in her store 😉 She has a lot of funky finds and those are the types of treasures that keep me sane. I love her new location on 10th and Washington even more. It has shown to be a staple business in this community and one of the only consignment stores to remain in business. I frequent it whenever I am nearby.

Natural Grocers

I adore that Natural Grocers is close(r) to my house and smaller than Whole Foods. I like shopping there because the staff is exceptional and the produce is seasonal. The staff is the most friendly of any grocery store around and they make it a point to remember you. It’s like a small community market, even though I understand it’s not.

Dr. Jordanna Quinn of Kore Regenerative Medicine in Golden, CO
(photo credit: @koremedicine)

Kore Regenerative Medicine

Participating in outdoor sports and activities sometimes results in small injuries and thank GOODNESS there is a local doctor who practices regenerative medicine and doesn’t think surgery is the FIRST and ONLY answer. Dr. Jordanna Quinn (the owner of Kore) is extremely personable and relatable as an athlete herself. Unlike some physicians I’ve encountered, she’s actually interested in solving the root cause of physical problems and not just trying to fix the symptoms, which is something I look for and care about in a doctor. She’s specifically skilled in finding the least invasive solutions for her patients, laying out all viable options and then finding alternative treatments for injuries using things like stem cells and PRP. On top of that, she also offers IV vitamin therapy and esthetic anti-aging medicine. It’s really a one stop shop, and I feel fortunate to be only a few miles away. 

New Terrain Brewing

New Terrain is one of the “newer” breweries in Golden, but man is it a great place to hang out. I love New Terrain because the location is great, their space is optimal, and their beer is tasty. I love the fact that the brewery is located next to a park, dog park, and bike park. It’s a triple threat of fun and entertainment for my kids, and it’s nice that the adults can have a beer and chat with friends at the same time. I have ridden my bike there from around North Table Mountain from my home, or started rides with friends from there many times. It’s a fun place to hang out, be outside, pet some dogs, and relax. It doesn’t hurt that they have live bands and yoga consistently and that you can also host your own events there. Really a great space all around. 

Big Daddy Bagels in Golden CO
(photo credit: @bigdaddybagels)

Big Daddy Bagels

Big Daddy is very near my house and to be honest they make the only “correct” bagel I can find. Their product is superior and conveniently located on the way to skiing for many people coming from Boulder and the north side of Golden. It’s open early, which is amazing, so you can grab a bite on the way to the early morning activities, and they have delicious cream cheese selections.

Are you a Golden resident interested in sharing some of your favorite places around town? Email us at goodtobegolden@cityofgolden.info.

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