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Featured Golden, CO Business: PranaTonic

PranaTonic‘s mission is to provide high quality, inspirational, life-enhancing products and services with integrity, and as the winner of Best Yoga/Pilates Studio in Colorado Community Media’s 2019 Best of the Best issue, it seems like they’re doing just that.

In addition to a yoga studio, PranaTonic has a Wellness Clinic that offers holistic health alternatives, including yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, lifestyle coaching, herbal medicine, Tai Chi, Zumba, and more.

Kimball Cicciu, L.Ac., E-RYT spoke with us about PranaTonic and how her business helps people get and stay healthy.

Good To Be Golden: Can you tell us a little about PranaTonic’s Yoga Studio and Wellness Clinic? 

Kimball Cicciu: PranaTonic has been providing health care to patients and clients for 20 years! We started in Lakewood with acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and herbal medicine. It was after moving to Golden seven years ago that we started the yoga program. We now have two locations: the Clinic is on 14th Street, and the Yoga studio is near the Natural Grocers on East St. We encourage healthy lifestyles and offer many ways to take care of your health. 

Some of the conditions we treat at the clinic include sports injury and pain, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, etc. 

Yoga is a practice and a way of life that we encourage and support with 25-30 classes per week. We also offer Tai Chi and Zumba for healthy living.

GTBG: What are some things that people may not know about your business?

KC: Our yoga studio has won Best of the Best for three years including 2019! That’s because our small classes are inviting and informal. We take the time to care for you whether you need deeper stretching or are just beginning. Our teachers are dedicated to spreading the benefits of yoga for your physical health but also your mental and emotional health. 

In our clinic, we get great results treating for anxiety, pain, stress reduction, and fertility support. We have helped bring many babies into this world using acupuncture and herbal medicine. We use many modalities and a combined 60 + years of experience to help our patients manage stress, rehabilitate injuries, and to treat most chronic disorders while also providing lifestyle coaching and recommendations.

GTBG: Why is Golden a good place to run a business?

KC: I can’t say enough about running a business in Golden. I LOVE it. There is always something fun going on where the community can gather downtown. I am so appreciative of the support our business gets from the City of Golden. There are many ways that the city professionals connect with the downtown merchants so we know what is going on around town. Plus, the city is helpful in creating awareness for the businesses downtown through their websites, social media outlets and other means. Another perk of owning a business in downtown is the support we get from the Downtown Development Authority including grants! Golden is a great place to run a business. 

GTBG: What words of advice do you have for residents who are interested but apprehensive about attending a yoga class for the first time?

KC: Don’t be apprehensive about attending yoga. We all know we need it. Of course things will be unfamiliar at first but in time, you’ll get to know your body and the practice of yoga. 

Our classes are not intimidating. They tend to be small and fairly personalized. Our teachers all have a tremendous amount of experience and encourage students to take the classes at their own pace. There’s no judgment here. We are all learning about our bodies in the condition they are in today, whether that’s good health or disease. Several of our teachers have training in some form of allopathic or integrative medicine too. Anyway, yoga is mostly about the exploration of body and breath while practicing mindfulness. The positions (Asana) are secondary.

GTBG: Is there anything you want residents to know about PranaTonic?

KC: Golden is our home. Our family moved here almost 20 years ago and never looked back. It is our pleasure to be here for our friends and neighbors who are interested in taking care of their health and their bodies. The integrative approach at PranaTonic is a very natural way to maintain good health or to treat health conditions and disease. If we incorporate Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Cupping therapy, Herbs, massage, yoga, Tai Chi, and Zumba into our lives on a regular basis, imagine the possibilities. Your vitality and well-being could peak. Your energy and sleep could improve. Your thirst for life could be enhanced if only you were feeling better than you are today. Already feeling great today? What if you could feel even better? That’s where we fit in. We’ll help you reach your peak health. (p.s. We take insurance.)

PranaTonic has two locations in Golden:

  • Yoga, Tai Chi & Zumba Studio located at 2600 East St, Golden, CO 80401
  • Wellness Clinic located at 807 14th St. Golden, CO 80401

See their yoga schedule for details about classes offered seven days a week. The store/clinic hours are Monday by appointment, Tuesday through Saturday 9AM to 5PM, and Sunday is only open for yoga. 

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