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Featured Golden, CO Business: Kore Regenerative Medicine

When Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O., M.S.. started Kore Regenerative Medicine, she strove to create an innovative practice that provides traditional and nontraditional services to optimize the health of her patients. To accomplish that, Kore Regenerative Medicine offers services for Regenerative Medicine, IV Therapies, Aesthetics, Functional Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulations, and Bioidentical Hormones.

Unsure of where to begin? You can ask Dr. Quinn for advice without worrying about having her suggest unnecessary procedures. She follows a “practice what you preach” doctrine and doesn’t recommend treatments to patients that she would not be willing to do to herself or her family.

You can also try out services for a discount thanks to the monthly specials posted online.

Good To Be Golden: Can you tell us a little about Kore Regenerative Medicine? 

Dr. Jodanna Quinn: Kore Regenerative Medicine is an innovative medical practice that specializes in optimization of health. We offer a range of services, including helping athletes and people with arthritis repair their own tissues using stem cell and platelet treatments, to prevent the need for many orthopedic surgeries. We provide IV therapy to patients and athletes to help with performance, recovery from races or illness, or just to improve overall mental clarity and energy. We optimize our patient’s health by getting to the cause of a disease, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. We also provide aesthetic services such as botox and fillers in order for patients to feel good about themselves from the inside and out. We enjoy spending time with our patients, so that we’re able to get to know our patients and take a full, holistic approach to their care. 

GTBG: Why did you choose Golden as the place to open up your business? 

JQ: I chose to open a practice in Golden because I absolutely LOVE living in Golden and want to be a staple part of this community. I take pleasure in seeing my happy patients around town, in my own community. I am proud to be able to offer these services to my fellow Golden residents and beyond.

GTBG: Who is the target audience for your services? 

JQ: Anyone who wants to feel and/or look good is the ideal candidate for my services. We offer a wide range of medical services, which help patients feel, perform, and look their best. People who value forming a relationship with their physician and who just don’t want to be given a pill and sent on their way. While we do prescribe medications to patients when needed, we really try to focus on changing habits and improving the quality of life, as opposed to just treating symptoms, which is unfortunately the way our medical society has gone.

GTBG: What inspired you to start your business? 

JQ: I truly want to make a difference in my patients’ lives. Though I have been practicing medicine for over a decade, I really wanted to do it on my own terms and to positively affect those around me and those who walk into my doors. By owning my business, I can practice medicine in a way that I believe is unique, honest, and effective.

GTBG: What do you like most about doing business in Golden? 

JQ: I love working for the residents of my community. I love seeing my patients on the streets and around town. Golden as a community and city has been extremely supportive of the entire start-up process. The other business owners of Golden support each other, and I hope to be able to give back to all of its business owners and residents as I become more established in Golden.

GTBG: Is there anything you want residents to know about Kore Regenerative Medicine?

JQ: We are truly focused on the health and well being of our patients. We want each and every person’s health to improve and be better after they have seen us. By helping people achieve their own health goals, we believe that we are making a bigger difference globally. I spend a significant amount of time on my education and on keeping up with the latest advances in medicine. I’m extremely well trained and methodical in my approach to procedures and treatment of my patients. I’m a nationally recognized physician who speaks at conferences and trains other physicians in both aesthetic medicine and regenerative medicine. I am well respected by my peers and often asked to give my expert opinion on difficult cases nationwide. I spend time with each person, and offer them an individualized treatment plan. I do not practice a cookie-cutter style of medicine. I advocate for my patients and really believe that working alongside my patients, meeting them where they are at in their health journey, is the way to improve their quality of life.


Kore Regenerative Medicine is located at 1030 Johnson Rd Ste 380, Golden, CO.

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