Featured Golden, CO Business

Featured Golden, CO Business: Dr. Jen Perez of Total Health Solutions

Dr. Jen Perez of Total Health Solutions has a passion for getting people back to doing what they love. As a Golden-based chiropractor specializing in foot and gait mechanics, she does it for a living. “Most often the people who seek us out are looking to go hiking, paddle boarding, cycling, mountaineering, climbing, you name it, but there is something that is preventing them from doing it. That’s where we come in,” says Perez.

The practitioners at Total Health Solutions aim to transform the health of their patients by providing integrated health care services that include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, fascial work, cupping, corrective exercise, and more.

“At Total Health Solutions, we do more than just crack your back,” explains Perez. “We analyze how you move and how those patterns are affecting different areas of your body, and we utilize adjustments, soft tissue techniques, and corrective exercise to get you back to full speed as quick as we can.”

The foot and gait analysis that Dr. Perez performs looks at everything from how the muscles in the foot function to muscle firing patterns, hip strength, core, and stability. “I use this information to create a personalized plan of at home exercises that change the way you move. By doing this we not only eliminate your complaint, but we keep it from coming back.” says Perez.

Golden has been a wonderful and welcoming town to conduct business. “I truly love the community and the scenery,” says Perez. “We get the small town life where business owners greet each other with hugs and everybody knows someone who knows you, and we’re surrounded by the beauty of the foothills. What more could you ask for?”

To help foster the local business community, Dr. Perez serves as a board member of the Golden Young Professionals (GYP) — a free networking group for people ages 21 through 40 who live or work in Golden. “When I met the group of people there, I knew that they were awesome and that we had common goals of making a difference in the Golden community so I jumped in and became a board member,” says Perez.

Joining GYP has had a markedly positive impact on Dr. Perez’s life and her business. “Golden Young Professionals has not only given me the opportunity to meet so many more people in the community but it has increased my confidence in networking and communicating my services to the public,” says Perez. “You definitely get out what you put in and I have truly committed a lot of time in the last 2.5 months and this month was the best month my business has had to date!”

If you think you could benefit from a group like the Golden Young Professionals but are on the fence about joining, there are several opportunities every month to check them out. “We have multiple volunteering events per month, multiple social events, and we are just launching our quarterly business development events,” says Perez. “There’s something for everyone.”

A few notable upcoming events include the VIBE@Five happy hour on August 13th with the Golden Chamber of Commerce and the first GYP quarterly professional development workshop, Marketing 101, on August 22nd at 6PM. The 1-hour workshop will cover:

  • How to establish your brand
  • Identifying your target audience or persona
  • The basics of using social media for business
  • Improving the effectiveness of social media
  • Action steps to improve your marketing plan

A happy hour and headshots will follow the workshop.

GYP membership is free for the rest of 2019, and it’s a positive way to engage with other young professionals in Golden. Joining was an easy choice for Dr. Perez, who has been involved since the first meeting of the group. “If you’re looking to get involved in the community, make meaningful relationships, and just have a great time, then why not join?”

Total Health Solutions is located at 1030 Johnson Rd., Suite #260.

In addition to in-person appointments at her office in Golden, Dr. Perez also does virtual consults. Visit www.gaithappens.com for more information.

Follow Dr. Jen Perez on Instagram at @thegaitdoctor.

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